Wine in 1 Minute: Acidity

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

What is the acidity of a wine?

Why do some wines have more acidity ?

Which wines have the most acidity ? How to actually taste the acidity in wine ?

Is acidity good in white wine ?

No Tricks, Acidity is acidity, you can feel it on the sides of your tongue.

Acidity is good in wine, it balances the sweetness.

Wines with a High Acidity are crisp, zesty & refreshing.

Whereas wines with a low acidity are round, ample and rich.

For example, a wine with a low acidity is Gewürztraminer, if you want a wine with a medium acidity think about Chardonnay, and then if you want to try a wine with a high acidity you should taste Chenin Blanc.

From Gewürztraminer to Chenin Blanc, understand which wine will be the best suited for you!

Learn about the acidity of wines and how to identify it in this 1 minute video.

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