Wine in 1 Minute: How to know if a wine is Corked?

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

How to detect corked wines quickly ?

How to avoid corked wines ?

Does Corked Wine reduced the fruity flavors ?

Discover in this video, all the tips to avoid corked wines and learn more about this phenomenon.

You have probably already drank corked wine and that is fine. But do you know how to detect it quickly ?

First of all, look at the corkIs it Cork Oak ?If not It can't be corked.


Cork Oak being natural it can sometimes Carry a fungi called TCA. If this fungi is in contact with the wine this one will become corked.

Wines made to aged often use oak .Because it is very air tight. So you are bound to experience corked wine.

So What to look for?

Look at your wine:

1. What does it look Like ? The color of a wine tends to fade And turn brownish when it is corked

2. What does it smell like

The Cork itself will not tell you if it is corked

But smell the wine : Can you feel damp cardboard ? burnt marshmallow or wet dogs ?

3. What does it feel like?

Corked wines can create a tingling sensation on the tongue

Due to an unplanned 2nd fermentation inside the bottle.

4. What does it taste like?Cork taint tames reduces the fruity flavors and shortens the finish

If your wine checks one of the above, your wine is probably corked...


If you find that a wine is corked you can bring it back.

Retailers will generally take it back.NOT TO WORRY TO MUCH THOUGH ONLY 1 to 2% OF WINES ARE CORKED

Now get to work and start drinking!


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