Wine in 1 Minute : How to taste Wine

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

How to taste wine for beginners?

What are the different steps for wine tasting?

How to identify the different aromas?

Tasting wine can help you enjoy it more!

“Wine is like Art the more you know about it the more you appreciate it !“

No need to over do it !

In this video, you will learn the different steps you have to follow to taste wine properly.

Step 1: You have to look INSIDE your glass and check the 3 elements, the color, opacity, and viscosity.

Step 2: Smell your wine and swirl it, that will helped release the hundreds of different aromas found in wine and Smell again! Try to identify the aromas, it means the primary aromas which are Herbal, Fruity, Floral and Mineral. Then, try to recognize the secondary and tertiary aromas (Toast, Coffee, Flowers, Spices, Wood, Fruits, citrus, nuts..etc)

Step 3 : Finally, Taste your wine, the first question you have to ask yourself is “What can I feel ?”, “Is the wine balanced ?“,

“Do I feel acidity on the side of my tongue ?”

“Do I feel sweetness on the top of my tongue ?”

What about The Texture : “Is it sharp or well rounded? “ “Do I feel tannins? “ “What the about the volumes sensation?”“Is it a light or full-bodied wine?”

What about the Length : How Intense are the aromas? How long do they last?

Now get to work and start drinking!

Cheers !

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