Wine in 1 Minute : Oaky Wines

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

What are Oaky Wines ?

What does Oaky even mean ?

Where does the oak come from?

No surprise. The oakiness of wines comes from the oak with which wines are in contact., Some wines NOT all are Oaky. As only some wines are in contact with oak during the vinification process.

Wine is in contact with the actual wood during the vinification when aging in barrels. (To save time, some wines are made with oak chips, faster but the taste is generally not as subtle).

Most of the Oak used for barrel aging are American or French which affects the Oakiness types. The Oakiness style actually depends on the type of Oak & the Toast.

You will see in this video, how the toasting is done (Toasting is the process of heating the barrel’s slats when making barrels to give them their rounded shape.)

What is the taste of Oaky Wines ?

Oaky Wines have Vanilla, Coconut & Butterscotch notes

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