Wine in 1 Minute : Tannic Wines

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

What is tannin in wines ?

What is tannic in red wine?

Which wines have the most tannins?

Where do tannins come from ?

Find all the answers in this short video.

Fist of all, Tannins are found in red wines. They come from the skin & the stem of the grapes.The longer the juice sits with its stems the more tannic the wine becomes.

Tannins can give a dry sensation in the mouth, that’s called astringency.

Tannic wines are complex, silky, coarse and bold. But Tannins can also be smooth and bold when it they are well balanced.

You will see in this video, examples of wines that are very tannic and others only slightly tannic.

To taste the difference is pretty easy. It’s like the difference Between dark chocolate and white chocolate.

A wine with a low tannicity is for example Gamay then a wine with medium tannicity could be a Merlot and if you want to try a wine with High Tannicity you should try a Cabernet Sauvignon.

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